Monday , October 16 , 2000
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Psychic Dyslexia Institute — an organization that studies the phenomenon of Psychic Dyslexia: special powers that don't go quite right. Within the institute is a cadre of special students who are somewhat super-heroic, despite their handicap. The comic is set in a furry futuristic world where psychic powers are about as common as being a super athlete: rare but not unheard-of. In this environment, psychics are routinely snapped up by the government to join the Psychic Overt Offense Platoon (P.O.O.P.) or go rogue to become villains in their own right. Since those recruited by the government are held by the DoD and all its red tape, they are largely ineffectual Agents of Good. On the other hand, the Institute hangs onto the psychics with seemingly ineffectual powers or powers they can't control properly. Their purported intent is to train these people to properly use their powers — but secretly the founder (the mysterious Mysto) has been assembling a team of courageous misfits who, together, can fight evil in their own imperfect and slightly skewed manner. The institute takes people in (often found and recruited by Tracker) and begins to train them to live with their "disability" — and those that Mysto and Tracker find have that "special something" are recruited into the inner sanctum for more specialized training with the (as-yet unnamed) Team.

This comic has been re-drawn in July of 2003 to replace the Original Drawing. First PDI: At Inner City's St. Elmo the Vibrational School for Troubled Teens, Young Pathos is having troubles. / Bully: Look! The Bunny's gonna cry! / Bully2: Gonna cry, little bunny? / Tracker (on cell phone): Yes, I'm sure it's him. I don't know what he's got yet, but by the looks of things I'd better nab him soon! / Tracker (to bullies): GETOUTAHERE! / Tracker: There, you're safe now, come here so I can see yo—WHAPAM (he kicks Pathos) / Tracker: Now what made me do that?
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